List of ‘Links’   for

The site offers a selection of Michael’s makings across a range of media. (jazz musician/improviser)

Chris is a London-based reeds player (improviser and jazz musician). The site details his diverse jazz collaborations and recordings. He is a long term member of The Westbrook Trio.

An internationally exhibiting visual artist and published poet, Heather’s site shows the range of her activities and makes available a range of her recent videos.

The site of the American artist Seth Price gives access to both his writings and his images.

This is the weblog of Ron Silliman, the American poet. Focusing on contemporary poetry and poetics it touches on issues important to makers across the contemporary arts.

The site of this artists’ cooperative outlines both the Group’s history and current activities. Individual pages for each member show the breadth of the artists’ interests represented by the Group.

TRACEY is an interactive site prioritising drawing and visualisation. It includes an electronic journal and virtual gallery. Among the diversity of publications emerging from its concerns is ‘Drawing Ambiguity’ (P. Sawdon and R. Marshall, eds., I.B.Tauris, forthcoming late 2014) that includes a text by Phillipson.

Trevor was a founder of the Spontaneous Music Ensemble and remains a major innovating contributor to the development of improvised music. Through collaborations with musicians from many musical cultures he continues to explore and expand improvisation’s possibilities. His site outlines his activities and recordings.