‘Art’s Plight’ develops concerns that were first published in ‘Painting, Language and Modernity’ (Routledge, 1985) and ‘In Modernity’s Wake’ (Routledge, 1989); both are available in the ‘Routledge Revivals’ series. The publication of these two books coincided with a wide range of reviews and review articles that I contributed to the journal ‘Artscribe International’ between 1985 and 1989 under the editorships of Matthew Collings and Stuart Morgan. The ‘Archive’ makes available a selection of other writings offering background material to and complementing the explorations in ‘Art’s Plight’. They vary in form and focus. Some are presented as ‘conversations’, some focus on the gests of specific artists, while others contributed to readings addressing particular themes. Certain concerns and terms developed at greater length in ‘Art’s Plight’ recur across these texts. ‘Art’s Body’ puts in several appearances…



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